Saw dust flying as a wedge is being cut near the base of a tree

Tree Removal

Although we strive to preserve trees whenever possible, sometimes it is necessary to remove them. Our crews have the skills, equipment and practices to safely remove even the largest trees.

  • Removing trees safely takes a great deal of skill that can only be gained through years of training and practice; Roscoe Brothers has successfully removed thousands of trees in Clark County over 20+ years in business
  • Our tree removal experts use high-quality equipment and advanced rigging techniques to get the job done safely and efficiently, with little to no impact on nearby structures or landscape features
  • From large-scale land-clearing projects to backyard removals in tight spaces, Roscoe Brothers specializes in all types of tree removals
  • Some removals require a permit from the city; we can advise if you have questions
A pile of split logs and an axe


All wood that can’t be used is delivered to a wood recycler, not the landfill. We can also leave firewood if desired.

A large pile of wood chips

Wood Chips

Removals typically generate wood chips, which are great for paths, play areas, weed suppression and water retention; we can leave the chips on site, or haul them away.

A large redwood stump with a long bar chainsaw resting on top of it

Tree Stumps

We can cut stumps to whatever height you wish, or have them ground down 4-18 inches below grade.

Contact us for a free assessment and project estimate.

Customer Testimonials

“Couldn’t be happier with the service we got from Lloyd and his crew from Roscoe Brothers. We got a trim back 10-15 feet around our home as well as having six alder trees removed. Fair bid for the service, arrived on time and left the place in great shape!”

— John G.