Tree Pruning

Our tree-pruning team has decades of experience in the art and science of proper pruning technique. Pruning is used to:

  • Improve overall health by concentrating energy in the most desirable parts of the tree
  • Keep trees safe by removing dead or weakened branches before they fall
  • Reshape trees to a more attractive appearance by removing outlying branches, crossing branches and water sprouts
  • Reduce weight to lessen the chance of limb or stem failure
  • Increase air flow through the tree to reduce wind damage
  • Keep limbs from encroaching or resting on structures, drive ways, phone lines, etc.
  • Allow more light penetration into the landscape below

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Customer Testimonials

“Great Service! Would highly recommend this business if you need trees cut down. They are conscientious and do a great job cleaning up after their work.”

— Betty J.